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Fear Is Blocking Your NHL Dream - THIS MUST CHANGE

You have greatness within you.

You know you have the potential to be a great hockey player.

But, fear is blocking your potential.

Fear is preventing you from training hard

That's because you're scared to fail or that you might feel embarrassed if you mess up.

It's preventing you from trying out for that team that you know could change your career.

That's because you might get cut from that team.

It's preventing you from shooting the puck in games and being a goal scorer.

That's because you don't want to get chirped by your teammates or sat by your coach if you miss the net.

So the question is:


What Is Fear?

If we talk about fear, we want first to understand what it is.

Fear is "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat."

Fear is something that evolved in animals to keep us safe from predators.

Our ancestors needed fear because if they heard a sound in the bush it was best to guess it was a tiger and to run away.

If we felt unease about a situation it was safe to freeze up and be quiet.

For our ancestors, fear was good.

Fear was survival.

Now, fear causes the death of your dreams.

Where is fear limiting you?

Fear In My Life

In my hockey career, I let the fear hold me back hundreds of times.

I let the fear of getting cut prevent me from trying out for top teams.

I let fear of screwing up prevent me from using my skills in games.

I even let the fear of spending money stop me from continuing to learn from top coaches.

I refused to pay for a mental coach.

I refused to pay for a skills coach.

I refused to pay for a skating coach.

I refused to pay a strength and conditioning coach.

I then proceeded to grind and feel never-ending anxiety that I wasn't doing enough to reach the NHL.

SHOCKER - I was not doing close to enough! (I talked about this in my last Identity letter)

That held my game back.

I wish I could go back and tell myself: "Trust yourself and go work with good trainers".

"Many of them can help you get to where you want to go".

I beg you to take my advice too.

Not because I want you to sign up for my stuff, but because I don't want you to make the mistake I made.

Who Am I Writing This For?

I am writing this for any player who has asked for help.

Who said:

“Hey coach, do you have any quick tips?”

“Hey Coach, I want to get better this offseason, what should I do?”

I get it.

You have big hockey dreams.

So you reached out hoping for some quick advice.

But here’s the thing...

DMing someone and expecting them to give the magical answer to get to the next level is tough.

I try to get back to everyone's messages, but I see the same messages.

They want quick tips, general advice, and magic pills to make the NHL.

These are what I call “quick fix questions”

They are questions searching for a quick fix or an easy solution.

Here’s the thing, if the answer were so easy, everyone else would be doing it too.

What I want you to understand is that these quick fixes are rarely ever long-term solutions.

To learn something you want deeper, with high-quality personalized information.

That's what will actually make you better.

If information is not personalized it is a quick-fix subscription.

I am not here to feed you some quick fixes.

I am not here to give you a magic potion that makes you a 10x better.

We both know that there is no magic pill that will turn you into an NHL player.

I get upwards of 50 messages a day saying players want to play junior, college, pro, NHL, etc.

Here is what you need to hear:


It means either working harder, with more quality, for a longer time than others.

And... for those who don't know, I do sell hockey performance programs.

I help players get to the next level and have more fun playing hockey.

I do this by helping them master their mental game and on-ice performance.

But this is not about you buying my programs.

It’s about you investing in whatever information you need.

It is about getting the information you need so that you can get better.

To get to where you want to go, you must walk a different path than the one you are on.

It’s about working with the right skills coach for you.

It’s about working with a strength and conditioning coach to become an athletic freak.

It’s about investing in that hockey IQ program that you know will make you a smarter program.

I want you to succeed, you must believe that the difference between you and your hockey dreams is a set of skills.

You can learn these skills through:

  • Skill Coaches

  • Online courses

  • Other players

  • Books

  • Social media videos (Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc)

To learn these skills you need a development system (what I teach in the Accelerator program).

You then want to stack those skills into a unique player Identity.

Then you learn to play the role that your team needs each game.

Master that role and earn larger roles.

One System Away

You are one system away from transforming your game in a few short years.

And you can change the trajectory of your whole career with one broken belief.

So let’s break through this limiting belief right now.

You can be great.

You have more potential than you realize.

Fear is holding you back from believing in yourself.

Not believing in yourself is preventing you from investing in yourself.

Not investing in yourself is preventing you from learning the skills you need to level up.

Not investing in your development system is preventing you from uniquely stacking those skills.

Solution: go find the info you need - find a way to get the money you need.

Invest in your game.

Watch it pay off in a few months.

Watch how far you are ahead of everyone in a few years.

Today is the day you change your whole hockey career.

I believe in you.

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Who is Corson Searles?

I am a former player & mental/performance advisor for AAA, junior, college, and pro hockey players. I am obsessed with dissecting atheletic performance potential, lifestyle design, and hockey development.


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