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Why Identity Shift Exists

We believe all hockey players deserve a fair shot at finding their true potential.

Do you believe that you have untapped potential?

We believe that it shouldn't matter where you were born, who your parents are, or how good your coach is… you should only be limited by the EFFORT you put into the game.

The thing that limits 99% of players is the lack of INFORMATION.

Many players have the physical tools to be great but lack the information to unlock that ability...


Identity Shift exists to help all hockey players unlock their true potential by transforming their mental game, discovering their unique player Identity, and then upgrading their training approach.


When you do this, you unlock the Next Level Lifestyle where you live daily with confidence, excitement, and high performance!

But Let's Face It...

Because let's face it... everyone is doing the skills work.

So what can you do to separate?

Mastering your mental game and your Identity is how you separate yourself.

This is the secret you have been waiting for.

The Identity Shift Method


Establish Your Identity

Establish what type of player you are (style, strengths, weaknesses), and discover how we can recreate your identity to get you to the next level



Download the Mental Software

Think like an elite hockey player so that you have the mindset, confidence, focus, and hockey IQ to play like the Identity you have created 



Develop Your Skill Stack

Develop a detailed strategy to develop the skills and physical ability required to play like the identity you have created


Constant Improvement Through Coaching

Once we have our identity, mental tools, and skills/body, it's all about  improving daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly by leveling up how you train

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