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Master Your Mind, Craft Your Unique Playing Style, and Become A Next-Level Player


Gain complete control of your entire hockey training and development plan (without the fear you aren't doing enough).

Build a pro hockey lifestyle that allows you to never stop getting better mentally, physically, and skill-wise.

Prepare yourself for the next level and become the best possible product that scouts and coaches drool over. 

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Why Are You Here?

  • You feel that you have THE ABILITY and THE POTENTIAL to play at a higher league, but you’re struggling to perform on the ice


  • You think doing you’re everything right: skills sessions, powerskating, strength and conditioning, off-ice skills work.


  • But you feel like you’re missing something important. Because you don’t have what you want. (More points, more minutes, more scouts paying attention to YOU)


  • Worse yet! Other players are getting ahead, doing 50% of what you do (at best)!

And really... you just need answers to your problems NOW

What You Will Learn In This Program

1. Why the old training strategies you use aren’t enough to make that jump to the next-level!


2. The new training philosophy NHL players use to develop their game to the highest level...


3. Implement this training philosophy into your game and how Mental Performance is the ROOT of On-Ice performance.


4. How other players applied this new training philosophy and how you can too!

What Our Clients Have To Say 

(Player Testimonials)

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Before working with Identity Shift, I would consider myself a good player, but was just lacking the mental skills ans abilities that great players have...
Corson basically teaches you from the ground up how to analyze your own mind and how to undertand how your mind works and how to turn around negative emotions and thoughts into positive outcomes.
This has helped me tremendously as I even after mistakes I'm able to trun around and still play my best hockey!
Working with Identity Shift will tremendously increase your chances of playing consistly your best hockey.
if your not sure about joining, just do it , you won't regret it!

- Alec Wipple, BCHL -> NCAA D3 (Middleburry) *1 Season*

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Corson has helped my game so much. Before this season I wasn’t confident with the puck, didn’t shoot the puck and was very hard on myself. If I had one mistake that would often be it for my mental game the rest of the night I would be so hard on myself and it ruined games for me. Corson’s training has helped my mental game and my confidence levels to the point where I am now able to make plays with the puck consistently, shoot the puck without hesitation and not get down on myself during games.

- Joshua Schenk, BCHL -> NCAA D1 (Dartmouth) *1 Season*

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"I now have more confidence on the ice and feel like I am a top player against the best players in the league."

Max Nystrom, USPHL (teir 3) -> NCDC (teir 2) *1 season*

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"The Next Level Academy’s mental programming has helped me completely level up as a player. Before starting the program I didn’t really understand the type of player I was and like most thought they were a “skill guy” and I wasn’t that successful in games during this time. Once starting and completing the mental shift part of the program I can confidently identify the type of player I am which is a physical power forward and use my strengths properly. My identity shift has allowed me to enter a flow state in games where I don’t second guess my decisions and make appropriate plays at the right times. A result I am proud of from this past season is my performance during the playoffs, I felt that I took my game to another level and I feel I left off on a high note that’s going to translate well into next season. I highly recommend the Next Level Academy, it’s a community of athletes that are like-minded and have the same passion to improve.."

- Kyle Dan Ouden, NOJHL

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"Working with Corson for the past 3 years has changed the way I view my development as a hockey player. He has helped me implement a weekly development system that checks all physical and mental boxes that I need to be a high end hockey player. This eliminates any anxiety I may have about my hockey career because I know that if I stick to the system weekly I will be a very good player in the long run. He provides constructive feedback on the videos I submit. Finally; working with Corson helped me have a positive mindest and training while dealing with 9 month injury. With his help I am on track to pursue my hockey goals."

- Jack Bortle, USPHL -> EHL -> NCAA D3 *3 Years*

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"During my work with Corson, he recommended workouts that helped me develop specific skills needed as a hockey player.  He was able to assist me with ice hockey strategies to become a stronger/better player.  Corson also advised me in ways to begin and maintain a healthy nutritional diet as an athlete.  As a hockey player, he was able to help me with ways to gain and maintain my confidence as a player even during slumps in the season.  More importantly, Corson supported me in teaching organizational strategies around my daily schedule that resulted in alleviating my stress and accomplishing my daily training."

Marcus Ray, PHL U18 (AAA)

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"The biggest thing that has changed for me since starting to work with Corson is feeling more calm on the ice and confident. I find myself being able to flow on the ice and it showed as my performance increased jurasticslly as well as my numbers. I started to feel more confident and demanded the puck more and started to make more plays. Corson really helped me achieve my goal of making midget AAA which thinking back to last year I didn’t even think it was possible but now it’s become a reality. After joining the program I now know who I am as a player and my role to my team. It has really helped me to know what my job is on the ice and what my team needs from me. I would highly recommend the next levels academy if you want to up your hockey game. The plan that is set into place for you with weekly coaching calls, being held accountable, various mental tools, really helped me level up my game. Even as a person I see myself as someone who dominates and on the ice my mindset has shifted to being powerful and going after it rather than waiting."

Reid Slugoski, U18 AAA

"You know people say there isn't any silver bullet, a perfect pill you can take to go where you want, be anyone you want to be. This may be the closest thing you can get to that, mastering your mental game, and working with someone who can help not only with your mental game, but your skills, IQ, awareness, weight lifting, nutrition, sleep, and so much more."

- Will Anderson, MSHSL (Minnesota highschool league)


What was your mental game and on ice performance like before working with Identity shift?
I was the kid who always sat on the bench, I was the kid who always got picked last, I was the kid who nobody wanted to play with. I was scared to have the puck on my stick, I was a passer, I barely held the puck for 5 seconds. Every year I was the lowest player on the team, because its just who I was I thought, all I thought of myself was a failure. I tried just by doing skill work, which got me a little better but was still trying to find that consistency. Some days I was the best player on the ice and some days I couldn't even make a good pass, I just disliked being in a hockey arena. Part of  it was because the team I was and still with was kind of toxic, they were all jerks. I didn't like being around them, I only liked going up against the kinder, worse ones, because I was afraid I'd make them mad, or mess up the play. Corson helped me cross this bridge of just focusing on myself and nothing around me, I couldn't care less what was happening.

What were things that were not working as well as you wanted to?
Even though I was a skilled player, their were awareness and focus problems which hindered my performance. I didn't really know where to put my awareness and focus on the ice in certain situations ex: I was thinking this and looking over here but I could've been thinking this and looking here and here. I didn't have the tools to regain control over my mind to put myself in the present when things got messy. I didn't know what to work on, how to get better, yeah I did skill work and a little study work but I wasn't separating myself. I didn't have set goals, and a training system to get closer to the goals.

What did you learn working with Identity Shift?
I learned too many things in the program to fit into here, but some things that I took away from it was the importance of meditation, and not to get focused on outcomes (goals, assists). You may think you know it all and your set for the next level, but after 4 months of being in the program, I now realize how much I was missing in my game. I realized I was going the way everyone else was; trying to be the next connor mcdavid, bedard, kucherov, have the best sniper shot from the top of the circles, dangle through legs and sticks. So in order for me to seperate myself from everyone I needed to find my own unique player identity (which you'll go through in the program). After going through some of the programs I started to list out all the things I was good at, what everyone else wasn't good at, what everyone else wasn't doing, or not doing enough and after that I started building my game. People often say that guy has terrible focus (I was that guy) and usually think its unfixable but often in reality you just never learned how to focus and never worked on it.

What is your mental game and on ice performance like now after working with identity Shift?
I have the ability to focus, block out distractions, able to stay present in tough moments, move on from an unsuccessful play, play great at a consistent basis, able to learn from mistakes, stay motivated and disciplined. I am now scoring, making smart plays, hitting more, seeing plays I didn't see before. It's a great feeling getting the results you worked for, getting more ice time, and playing at better levels, and knowing your of value on the team.

What would you say to someone thinking about working with Identity Shift?
You know people say there isn't any silver bullet, a perfect pill you can take to go where you want, be anyone you want to be. This may be the closest thing you can get to that, mastering your mental game, and working with someone who can help not only with your mental game, but your skills, IQ, awareness, weight lifting, nutrition, sleep, and so much more. Especially with a guy who has tons of experience in this area, and has learned so much from different players' problems. His program is truly something special and is unlike anything I wouldve imagined. If you are struggling with confidence, consistency, slumps, doubt, focus, stress, sadness, not sure how to fix IQ, what to work on, training system Corson has got you. 

Will Anderson, MSHSL (Minnesota highschool league)

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"What specific aspect of our coaching program has had the biggest impact on your performance?

For me something I’ve always struggled with is overthinking. Working with Corson, he’s able to break down what is at the core of my overthinking and helps me focus on what I can control. Also, Corson always finds a way to explain things that give me a different perspective and allow me to shift my mindset. The ability to run thoughts and problems by someone who truly cares about my success is priceless and is what has had the biggest impact on me.


How has our coaching program improved my mental game and how has this affected your overall performance?

Before working with Corson, my mental game was the worst part of my game. Everyone always talks about how the mental game is the majority of the game but how come no one ever trains it? Since I've started working with Corson I’d say I spend the most time training mentally and this has led to teammates, coaches and my parents telling me that my mental game is the best part of my game. On the ice I’ve seen huge progress and I feel myself getting better each game and practice, which is something I can’t say I felt before working with Corson.


Can you share a particular moment or result that you were proud of, which you attribute to the Next Level Academy Coaching?

My whole life I’ve always wanted to give everything to being the best hockey player I can be. But the thing holding me back was thinking more about how people would call me weird or dislike me because of my obsession with this sport. On a coaching call with Corson we truly dove into thetis and I had a  moment of realization that I was ready to go all in. With the encouragement that Corson gave me, I can confidently say that was a turning point in my life and since that day I’ve been giving it everything I got and loving the process at the same time. This was a moment that made me very proud.


How has your unique player identity developed during our coaching program? 

Before working with Corson I was a nervous player who only cared what others thought of my game. Now I’m a player and person who is a man on a mission and not letting anyone get in the way of that. Would you recommend the Next Level Academy?If you care about hockey and want to become the best player you can then the next level academy is for you. The next level academy is for people who care about their craft and want to surround themselves with people who will push them to be better everyday. In my opinion Corson is revolutionizing the game and will be one of the top mental coaches in the world one day because of the effort and passion for hockey development he has which is unmatched and destined for greatness."

Will Anderson, MSHSL (Minnesota highschool league)

Thank you. I've been visualizing that type of shot and finally did it!! We won the game 5-4, I was +4 but only one point again.. On all four goals I did something that turned into a goal but not assist. Had 2 clean face off wins which turned into two goals just seconds after the face off but the puck went by two guys both times so I didn't get any assist."


"After only two months Ive already noticed that Im getting better hockey 10, and that the visualization helps me improve areas of the game that is important to me. For the hockey 10 part, Im now where the puck is going ans not where it was, and this makes it so that I have the puck a lot more them before. I also make quick decisions that helps me get into better positions on the ice."
"I feel more confident in my game since working with Corson. I know a lot about my player identity and he has given me many ways to keep improving on my game. The daily accountability and the weekly coaching calls help a lot also."
"Working with Identity shift has had an effect on all aspects of my life, leading me to be more happy and driven all around."
"My on ice performance has tremendously increased by constant improvement each game and consistency due to the foundation the next level academy had helped me build."
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