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The Free Mental Masterclass

Join the hundreds of players who have taken control of their mental game and found their path to the next level

Unleash your on-ice performance by unlocking your mind

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Join hundreds of players UPGRADING their mental software every weekend while reading The Identity Letter -> so they can play with confidence, move up leagues, and have 10x more fun playing hockey.

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Join The Hockey Elite


Program your mind, build confidence, & establish an elite on-ice presence.

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The Next Level
Hockey Academy
(Group Coaching Program)

A next level group coaching program for serious hockey players who are looking to learn the mental tools and strategies to move up lines and levels. Learn to master your mental game and entire long term development system. Over 20 years of hockey experience and 1000s of hours of hockey study in a guided system to make you great!

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The Hockey Blueprint
(1 on 1 Coaching Program)

An elite 1 on 1 coaching program for high-level players U15 AAA, junior, college, and pro. Learn to master your mental game and entire development system. Use my Identity Shift Blueprint and in-depth curriculum to productize yourself as a player and become someone coaches scouts drool over.

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The Confidence Mastery Manual

Unlock your superstar self and start using all of the skills you have been working on. Learn how to program your mind for deep confidence, boost your focus levels, & transform your mental game faster than you ever thought possible. 

Reprogram Your Mind


Dive deep into mental performance, training system design, and skill development.

Who Is Corson Searles?


Just a person obsessed with hockey performance

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I'm the owner and head coach of Identity Shift Hockey.


I’m a performance consultant for Minor, Junior, College, and Pro Hockey Players.

I’m the guy they come to when they want to go from struggling with self-doubt/confidence to becoming a dominant force with an unstoppable mind. 


No smoke and mirrors here, just science-based tools and strategies with proven results.


I help players transform their mindset, unlock never-felt confidence, find their hockey Identity, and systemize their training system so they can work hard, get better, and have fun while they move up levels (without being stressed 24/7).


This is my obsession, so if you are a crazy hockey player who can't stop thinking about the game, then welcome to the Identity Shift Crew.


I am currently only accepting a few new 1 on 1 client due to limited spots.

The Next Level Blueprint Coaching Program is where I dedicate my time to personalized 1 on 1 and group help.

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