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Program This Habit Into Your Mind If You Want To Play High-Level Hockey (Full Method Included)

Updated: Apr 18

When I was a player I lied to myself a lot.

I know it sounds harsh to say, but it's true.

I lied to myself an insane amount.

But it's not the normal kind of lying.

What I mean is that I told myself "I am doing the right stuff to get better."

I told myself I was fast enough... but I wasn't.

I told myself I was training harder than anyone else... but I wasn't.

I told myself I was working on my mental game... but I wasn't.

The problem was that I could not see beyond my blind spots.

And I didn't want to listen to my dad telling me the same things he had told me for years.

If he did tell me something like:

"You need to double down on your speed work because you're legs are too slow."

Or, "You need to do more cardio because you are not in elite shape." I would just get angry and defensive.

He was telling me the right stuff, but at a certain point, I think he had to choose between being 100% real with me and getting along with me.

I deeply appreciate that he chose to maintain our relationship because he allowed me to make my own mistakes and maintain our relationship.

If he had kept pushing I am not sure if we would have the closest relationship today haha.

Why I Got Angry

So the question you probably have now is: "Corson, why did you get so mad at your dad for trying to help?"


I got mad at him because I was mad at myself.

I was mad at myself because deep down I knew I was not doing enough to be totally confident in my abilities.

So when he questioned my ability, it instantly reminded me that I was not actually as confident as I pretended to be.

I wasn't being honest with myself.

I was lying to myself.

And that ate away at me daily.

What Did I Need?

What I needed in those times was someone who was not my dad to call me on my bulls***.

Someone else whose opinion I respected.

That person needed to look at my game and tell me what I NEEDED to hear.

I needed to hear what my dad was telling me but through a different person.

I needed to be held accountable for slacking on cardio after I stopped playing soccer, for slacking on speed work, and for slacking on mental work.

I needed someone to tell me that I was lying to myself when I said I wanted to make the NHL because my habits were not going to separate me from my fellow junior players.

So What Can You Learn From My Mistakes?

I hope that sharing this, helps you to see where you are lying to yourself.

Because we all have blind spots.

We all have things we don't want to admit.

We all have those emotions we don't want to deal with.

We all have those things we are not doing.

And if you are reading this I know you want to be great.

To be great we have to get real with ourselves and deal with these things.

The No Bulls*** Method

So let's discover a method that will help you to be more honest with yourself and deal with the things holding you back.

This is going to leverage something called the Salomon Paradox (read more about it with the link)

This is something that researchers are finding more and more evidence for.

The idea is that we give better advice to others than ourselves.

This means you could probably talk to a teammate in a similar position to you and tell them exactly what to do and what they needed to hear.

But you have a hard time giving yourself clear advice.

This is extremely common.

This seems weird, but as I get older, it becomes clearer how real this is (at least for me).

So let's jump straight to the method and how to use it.

So this is what I call the "No Bulls*** Method".

We use it to give ourselves the advice we need to hear.

Here's how it works:

  1. Do some focused breathing for 2 to 5 minutes (to get your brain into a lower brain wave state)

  2. Watch one of your games

  3. Imagine that you are an expert performance coach watching a person you don't know play

    1. Notice what they do well and what they don't

    2. Take detailed notes

  4. When you are done with the game, close your eyes and let the thoughts brew in your mind for (10 minutes)

    1. Just relax and you can even fall asleep

    2. Take a nap if you'd like

    3. Make sure you set a timer to wake you up though

  5. Now open your eyes

    1. Complete a full assessment of the player you just watched

    2. What were the 3 main things they did best?

    3. What were the 3 main things they were weakest at?

    4. If you could wave a magic wand and change only one thing about that player (and don’t just say skating, shooting, stickhandling)

      1. Be specific like:

        1. one-timer

        2. Breakaway speed

        3. hands in tight

        4. Touch around the net

    5. Be honest

    6. No one is going to say anything

  6. After completing this 1 or 2 days in a row, you should have a much more accurate assessment of your game

    1. This is because you gave someone else advice

    2. It took the pressure off you and removed the emotions

  7. Now take this reflection and write out a plan to attack that main thing this month


You just created the most honest self-reflection possible.

And now you have the material to make a true and detailed plan to stop lying to yourself.

Where Does Identity Shift Come In?

So here's a brief sales pitch (Feel free to stop reading now).

The reason I created Identity Shift was to help players realize that they have much more potential than they realize.

I also made it to help them understand how to create a plan to reach that potential.

That plan starts with attacking the mental game and unlocking superior confidence.

At the same time, we unlock that confidence through the mind, we create a detailed training system that covers the mind, body, and skill.

It's a holistic plan that leaves no stone unturned.

Then we help you year-round to optimize and iterate on this plan every single week.

That is what the Next Level Academy gives you.

So if you are a serious hockey player...

I am looking for a few driven players who have the goal of moving up leagues in the pursuit of playing NCAA and professional hockey.

If you're interested, then you can apply to one of our limited spots to start taking your whole training system and lifestyle to a whole new level.

Outcomes you can expect after a few months joining the academy:

  • How more fun playing hockey

  • More confidence on and off the ice

  • Improved focus

  • Improved mental clarity

  • Improved hockey lifestyle that has you excited to wake up each morning

  • Improved organization and planning

  • Improved on-ice performance (more of what you want, less of what you don't

And that's just a small list.

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Who is Corson Searles?

I am a former player & mental/performance advisor for AAA, junior, college, and pro hockey players. I am obsessed with dissecting atheletic performance potential, lifestyle design, and hockey development.


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